The region of Flatanger is a coastal council in mid Norway, north of the Trondheim fjord. The area of about 460 km ² is populated by a good 1,100 people (=approx. 2 inhabitants per km ²), 40% of this population lives in Lauvsnes.
By the way, in Flatanger there are as many islands and skerries as residents. Mountains, brooks and numerous lakes are situated just inland of the coastline, the bays and the fjords. The word Flatanger origins from the Viking's age and means something like „bay / fjord with many skerries“.

North Flatanger encloses a small part of this region and borders to the north at the outlet of the Namsfjord. Beside the small place Utvorda some farms and yards, singles-standing houses and cottage areas are found here.
The harbour of Utvorda is a perfect starting point in the region for different activities. A hiking trail leads from here to the famous Utvorda fortress, one of Scandinavias biggest bunker arrangements from the Second World War. The footpath is interesting not only historically, but also has to offer epic sceneries. Other trails in the region can be reached by car, easily.
By boat it takes just few minutes to the open sea (Folla), the sheltered skerries, or into the Namsfjord. Therefore it is quite simple to visit various places (also according to weather conditions) for fishing, diving, or for photo tours and enjoying nature.
There are no hotels, pensions or fishing camps in North Flatanger, however, private lodgings with good standard are available. In the harbour of Utvorda there is a nice camping place and a restaurant which opens in summer on certain days.