The Bøla reindeer is a work of art from the Stone Age. 6,000 years ago hunters made the lifelike and life-size drawing by cutting it with simple stone tools in the rock. Probably, the whole environment here was used as a ritual place because many more drawings in the rock can be found nearby, including a bar and a hunter.
The Bølarein is located in the vicinity of Steinkjer at the Snåsa lake and is an interesting destination for an excursion.

Bunker Tour

The fortress of Utvorda extends over a large area at the entrance to the Namsen fjord and was built here under the German occupation during the Second World War as part of the Atlantic Wall. Old gear, ruins and underground bunker are today witnesses of a dramatic time. There are also three large guns still at their places and will show you how it looked here between 1941 and 1945. We offer guided tours with extensive historical background information.

Canoe Tour

After a walk up to a mountain lake we can explore a beautiful lake with four canoes - each with three seats. The boats are wide and you will feel comfortable after a short settling in period even without previous knowledge.
Many islands, bays and even a narrow pass to another lake will make the tour interesting. You can easily catch trout from the shores and find rare plants. A snack from the grill and a freshly cooked coffee will make this day trip even better.

Eagle Safari

White-tailed sea eagles are the largest birds of prey in Northern Europe. They can be observed the whole year high up in the sky. Suddenly they stop to fly circles and nosedive to pick up a fish from the water with their mighty claws.
Professionally guided safaris for filmmakers and photographers with the famous "Eagle man" Ole Martin can be arranged. His company Norway Nature was involved in almost every nature documentary in the region in the last few years involved.

Fish BBQ Evening

Fresh scallops, white halibut, smoked salmon from the fjord on vegetables steamed fillet from the grill and delicate crab. For each and everyone who like fish Norway is the Promised Land and our individually planned fish evening a must have!
For all those who don't like fish we will find also an alternative. However, so far we could convince almost everyone that fresh fish does not taste "fishy". The sea (and the BBQ evening) offers something for every taste.

Ice Fishing

The winter is the most exclusive season in Norway, perhaps. Nearly no traveler visit the remote regions then. Even if beautiful winter landscapes and the mystical Northern Lights Aurora borealis should be good reasons. And, of course, you can do scuba diving and sea fishing - both at its very best, in fact! In addition, during the cold season you can try ice fishing on lakes for brown trout, sea trout and char, as well as on frozen fjords for all kind of sea fishes. An extraordinary experience!

Island Safari

The skerries are a collection of hundreds of reefs and islands. The vast majority are uninhabited isles. Here is possible to find rare plants and animals and you can feel comfortable free and relaxed and enjoy to have your own island for one day.
In the early summer we also offer a visit at a bird colony (small groups only!) and off the coast an open air museum on a island - a small village which was up to a hundred years ago an important meeting area of the fishermen. With their sailing boats they came every spring to catch the skrei (an offshore living cod).

Moose Safari

The King of the Scandinavian forests can be observed without problems in mid Norway, usually. But of course you have to be at the right time at the right place. We support our guests with good advice, or we will accompany the tours.
It is possible to observe the moose from the car in the evening, do a hike, or to use our observation post/hideout at the edge of the forest. The best time is the spring and early summer. If you want to see the impressive antlers of the male moose, late summer and autumn is the right time.

Mountain Hiking

A flexibly organised tour into the magnificent coastal mountain area of Mid Norway. Do not forget to bring the camera! This mountain hike also can be combined with other activities, for example, a canoe trip or a cozy picnic on a mountain top with fantastic view. You will also get an impression of the archipelago off the coast with the countless reefs and islands. The tours lasts three to seven hours, sturdy footwear is required.

Sea fishing

For our guests who do not visit us especially for sea fishing we offer affordable “try out tours”. Equipment and clothing are included in this offer. After the boat tour we will help you to prepare your fish for the kitchen or the grill.
Also children will have fun, because we can guarantee that you catch fish! So it is quite simply to get for cod, saithe and other fishes and your dinner is also guaranteed.


The old Viking town in the heart of Norway was probably one of the most important places of the great upheavals and Christianization about 1,000 years ago. Today the Nidaros Cathedral proves the Christianization of Norway today and thus also of the sinking of the Viking culture, which still fascinates many people today.
A trip to Trondheim can be combined as a city sightseeing tour, cultural tour and shopping Tour. Restaurants and cafes invite for a break. Whether you're after a typical Norwegian pullover, or only after a beautiful postcard is looking for - here you will find it. However, you should not forget the "Norwegian price level" which is the highest in Europe.

Trout Fishing

Freshwater Fish from lakes with drinking water quality leaves very little speculation about the quality of the fish itself! But on these tours is not only to the fishing of the strong and beautiful mountain trout (brown trout), but also the nature around that makes the trip a great experience. After max one hour walk through beautiful nature we reach the fishing waters. We guide you and support you with advice, fishing gear and we also arrange coffee/tea, and food from the grill.