Fishing in Nord Flatanger

Mid Norway offers an ideal mixture of good accessibility, nature and excellent fishing. It is the combination of biodiversity and always the chance to get a strong fish which makes Nord Flatanger a good choice for your fishing trip.

With about 9 hours driving from Oslo, most guests classify the area of Flatanger as “good accessible by the car”. Of course, taking the plane to the airport at Trondheim might be an good alternative.

The big advantage of Nord Flatanger is, that are no fishing camps around. This means less pressure for the fishing spots and, in fact, there are excellent spots big ling. Such spots with big fishes remaining in their habitat are often hardly found close to fishing camps. In other regions of Mid Norway such fishing spots have become real insiders tips, meanwhile.

Good to know:

  • Since January 1, 2018, there are regulations for the registration and reporting of caught fish. ( Fiskeridirektoratet )
  • We are a registered tourist fishing enterprise!
  • As of 1. January 2021 only tourists fishing from a registered fishing camp are allowed to bring fish or fish products out of the country when leaving Norway.
  • The limit of 18 kilos of fish or fish products can be exported out of Norway twice a year.
  • It is not permitted to export trophy fish in addition to the export quota. Freshwater species, such as salmon, trout and char are not subject to the quota.