Diving Spots in Nord Flatanger

Norway is not the most common destination for divers, maybe.
But every diver who is used to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea or cold mountain lakes and flooded gravel pits, can dive in Norway safely and easily!

The selection of dive sites is large and varied. For each level of training we can find something that fits. So far we have explored more than 150 dive sites, and the number is increasing every year.





What to see:

  • Wrecks: for example a British anti-submarine vessel, two minesweepers, freighter, steamships and sailing boat wrecks.
  • Canyons: underwater canyons are particularly impressive dive sites and might offer much marine life to see, often.
  • Walls: a dive at a underwater cliff is pretty exciting, especially when you know that there are 300 meters of water to the sea bed below you.
  • Kelp forests: from the surface down to 20 meters is the best depth to enjoy the kelp forest along the coast. A great diving experience, especially at a sunny day!
  • Caves: in the last years we found some small caves, however, some are big enough to enter.
  • Drift: drift dives can be done in different places in the fjords and off the coast.
  • Reefs: off the coast there are numerous rocks and underwater cliffs, sometimes right below the surface, sometimes deeper. Vegetation and marine life are often impressive at these exposed spots.