The boats are rented out by Nord-Flatanger Sjøhus AS with a "full to full" rule. At the end of the rental period, you will be charged according to consumption. The price per liter of petrol is specified in the rental agreement.

All boats have an insurance cover. The co-payment in case of a damage case is limited on 10,000 NOK. This means that small damages (e.g., damaged propeller) have to be paid by the renter. “Serious” damages are covered, excluding the co-payment.
Acts of gross negligence (e.g., hitting a underwater rock in spite of working navigation instruments and with clear view) can exclude the insurance cover. In such cases the person responsible for the accident must pay for the damage for the full extent!

The boats will handed over “ready to go” and a detailed English-speaking briefing how to use the boat and how to find the fishing spots. The renter has to make known malfunctions and defects of the boat to Nord-Flatanger Sjøhus AS right after becoming known to the renter.
Aboard there are life jackets, distress signals, first-aid box, anchor and fire extinguisher. The renter has to convince himself of the operational capability of this emergency equipment and is responsible for the completeness.

A sports boat driving licence is required for boating our rental boats (people born before 1980 do not need a boat driving license!). The coxswain / boatsman is responsible for the safety of all people aboard.

Nord-Flatanger Sjøhus AS can require a deposit of 100 Euros per boat when handing over of the keys. Boats are to be cleaned before the returning after the rental period. Should no cleaning have taken place, obviously, this can lead to a decrease on the deposit. Also smaller damages can be withheld and paid from the deposit amount.

The boats may be put on only in the moorings / berth intended for it. It is not allowed to take the boat ashore.